Why Buy Direct From NOMU.HK?

Free Shipping

Almost all products are free shipping in NOMU.HK, which saves your worries about international freight and can be completely assured of purchase.

Official store

The customer enjoys user friendly experience and the clear product category. Easy to choose and buy. You can also learn more about NOMU and its brand culture through the official website. The after-sales service of official website is also better, which consumers can negotiate directly with the manufacturer.

Best prices

It will not be subjected to price competition on other platforms, and always provide consumers with fair and reasonable prices. In some major festivals or special occasions, NOMU official website will give the customer a quite pleasant discount.

Genuine product

All products sold in the official website are genuine, and each product must be tested strictly and professionally certified to make sure high-quality products customers get. IP68 rating and the MIL-STD-810G are the must standard for NOMU phones.

Free Returns
Free Defective Replacement Warranty
Repair Warranty

5 day free returns

If you are not satisfied with the product, NOMU official website accepts the free return within 5 days and please make sure there is no damage to human factors, complete accessories and packaging.(The shipping fee is at your own expense)

90 day defective replacement warranty

Buying products on the official website are highly guaranteed. If your phone components are defective, you can enjoy the 90-day free replacement(The shipping fee is at your own expense)

150 day repair warranty

Maintenance process:

  1. 1.Make sure the phone is in the warranty period;
  2. 2.Write to service@nomu.hk. report the problem and provide the IMEI number;
  3. 3.After confirmed by the NOMU, customers send the phone to the company (The shipping fee is at your own expense);
  4. 4.NOMU fix it up and send back to the user.
Note: NOMU reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.