Nomu Standards
  • Operate Normally in Extreme Temperatures

    55℃±2℃   24h

    -20℃±2℃   24h

  • High Temperature & High Humidity Test

    Temperature: 60℃±2℃

    Humidity: 93% (+2%/-3%)

    keep the prototype staying in this environment, test for 48 hours

  • Extreme Temperatures Cycling Test
    Fully charged at room temperature, then put the battery in the test chamber: 75℃±2℃ for 6 hours; Then change the temperature to -40℃±2℃, keep the battery staying in the test chamber for 6 hours; Repeat the procedures 10 times.
  • Over Charging & Over Discharge Protection
    Voltage 7.4V, current 2C5A, continuous charging for 8 hours; After 0.2C5A discharges the voltage, the external 30Ω load discharges for 24 hours.
  • Rolling Washing Machine Fall Test
    The sample was placed in a 0.5 m roller drop tester, total 200-times drop (100 cycles).
  • Drop Test
    The prototype fell freely from the height of 15cm to the wooden table, falling 2000 times、4000 times、6000 times、8000 times.
  • Free Fall Test
    The prototype fell freely from the height of 1.2M to the smooth concrete floor, falling 12 times in 6 directions, two times for each direction. Each corner in once, total 16 times.
  • Underwater Test
    Immersion in water up to 1.2 meters for 96 hours.
International Standards
  • Completely prevent dust intrusion;

    Completely prevent water intrusion;

  • Distance between sample and nozzle:


    Water temperature: 80℃;

    Water flow: 15L/min;

    Tumtable speed:5r/min;

    Hydraulic position: 0℃ and 30℃,60℃ and 90℃;

    Water spraying time: spray water at each position for 30s, a total of 120s;

    Test impact force: 0.9-1.2N.

  • A United States Standard;

    Identify problems through environmental testing, and repeatedly modify equipment to improve products to meet the requirements of various working environments.

    Stand up to the extreme environments like: high altitude, low pressure, high and low temperature, rain, wind, freezing rain, sand dust, explosive gas, liquid leakage, acceleration, impact, transportation shock, shooting vibration, random vibration.


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Computer Software Copyright promulgated by National Copyright Administration of People's Republic of China

  • Phone Intercom Applications System V1.0
  • Phone GPS Automatic Timing
  • Water-proof Headphone holder
  • Water-proof Horn
  • Waterproof combination screw for mobile phone
  • Water-proof earpiece
  • Water-proof microphone
  • Water-proof light guide pipe for mobile phones
  • Water-proof pressure valve for mobile phones
  • Locking battery cover screw for mobile phones
  • Water-proof USB plug for mobile phones
  • Protective Case for Rugged Phone
  • Screw waterproof structure without water-proof gasket
  • Self-tapping screw
  • New Waterproof combination screw for mobile phone
  • Mobile smart environment monitoring system V1.0
  • Emergency collection of alarm calls system V1.0