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Mobile Phone
Experience Officers Needed

To improve the user experience of our product, we need you to participate in our experience research program. The requirements are as following:

1.You have to be good at communication. A good explanatory experience officer will make the reader better understand the performance and functions of a product;
2.You must have deep understanding of your phone settings. For example, how to quit the application software completely, how to monitor mobile traffic to prevent overflow, how to save battery better, how to change lock screen style.
3.You must know how to ‘play’ your mobile phone. Such as, personalize desktop styles, shoot high quality photos under the water, demonstrate SOS field rescue, film for mobile phone screen, decompress files with decompression tools, mobile phone karaoke, flash the system of your phone, realize some commonly used mobile phone software(Microsoft office, System security software, Application download center, Shopping mall) et cetera.
4.You must be a hardware guru. You can disassemble and reassemble your mobile phone, repair and maintain accessories for mobile phones if it is broken, evaluate the configuration and performance of your mobile phone.

It would be better if you meet the following conditions:

1.Responsible, professional attitude. Can accept repetitive work; Can complete the task as scheduled, good at analysis and summery.
2.Be creative; can propose design opinions for new products, such as camera performance.
3.Can give first-hand experience feedback on the latest released software version, and make suggestions for improvement.

As soon as we release a new cell phone, the qualified participants will receive the new NOMU rugged mobile phone and take videos for our phones.

If you meet the requirements, please send your resume to the mailbox: