Public Safety and Nomu

Be Connected. Be Safe.

To ensure the basic communication of public safety workers, the ultra-rugged smartphones from Nomu keep workers connected in dangerous, isolated or emergent situations, ensuring their safety and connectivity.

With the leading industry standards and protection grades - IP68, IP69 and military certification MIL-STD-810G, and excellent water-proof, drop-proof, dust-proof, pressure-resistant performance, Nomu's smartphones can work in the most extreme environments.

Nomu M8

The smartphone that’s built to serve, built to last.

Nomu M8 is an ultra-rugged smartphone built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need when and where they need it most.

Nomu S50 Pro

Handset communication pushed to the extreme

When communication failure is not an option, Nomu S50 Pro is the answer. Ultra-rugged and purpose built, it thrives in severe conditions, offering those who serve an ultra-reliable Push-To-Talk solution.

Innovative, ultra-rugged mobile devices for mission critical needs

With ultra-reliable communication of Nomu devices and accessories, public safety workers are free to focus on the task at hand: serving others, saving lives and getting the job done.

Toughest Performance Standards

Ensure communication even in the most hazardous conditions

Industry-leading Rugged Performance Standards, Ingress Protection 68 & 69, Military 810G, waterproof and Non-Incendive Class I, II, III, Div 2 ratings ensure you work and thrive even in the most extreme environments.


Instantly connect on or from the scene

Nomu phones come equipped with easy-to-use PTT so you can instantly communicate in real-­time with one worker – or many – in extreme, isolated or emergency conditions.

Mission Critical-grade applications and more

Increase productivity means increased safety

Android and worker productivity applications, multi-shift battery life and 3-year warranty offer workers the confidence to do more,longer.

Watch as others experience ultra-rugged devices

At Nomu, we create solutions that support multiple Public Safety applications. Check out these videos to better understand how Nomu‘s ultra-rugged handsets can help you thrive and survive.

Nomu T18 - high-quality rugged phone

Not every smartphone is freeze-proof

NOMU T18 Official Unboxing-Function Preview

Action causes reaction. Here’s what people are saying.


NOMU have been manufacturing rugged phones for about 10 years now, so they obviously have some know-how on creating really durable devices for any kind of customer


As some of you may know, Nomu is a company specialized in making rugged phones. Their products range from older style cellphones to the latest smartphones running Android...

NOMU S10 Pro redefines the smartphone use by being th world’s first IP69

There is a misconception that phones should wear a case or stay away from water to protect them from damage. But, still, accidents happen all the time. NOMU S10 Pro