Management and Productivity Enhancement

For many factory workshops, they require multiple processing methods to solve the problem, such as the back-office operations and remote site management. Nomu offers communications equipment and accessories, which ensure the safety of staff and the operation of supply chain for large workplaces.

The intense competition of businesses worldwide and strong market demand require more flexible, more reliable and faster production lines. As efficient coordination is critical to saving time and cost, the Nomu phone is equipped with the wireless button "push-to-talk" (PTT) , allowing you communicate with one or more staff members at the same time.

The speaker of Nomu phone even offers professional-grade audio, such as NXP and Class-K audio amplifier and waterproof speakers, etc, making the sound achieve the volume of 100 dB.

The service life of a common equipment is only 1-2 years, and frequent repairment is needed, while Nomu is more than 3 years, let alone it can deal with various emergencies in complex environments.