Security And Facility Management
Security And Facility Management

Real-time Communication For Better Regulation And Control

When managing the large indoor and outdoor facilities, it’s super convenient to conduct an excellent team through the Oinom professional device, which means reducing operating costs while delivering superior service.

The Instant Communication Push-to-Talk (PTT) minimizes the time for reporting security, maintenance, and cleaning issues. With mature technology, Oinom's wireless intercom and 4G intercom can achieve wider coverage and lower cost.

Compared with the traditional radio, the NXP and Class-K audio amplifier is superior in terms of volume and sound quality. Meanwhile, the design of the waterproof speaker enhances the machine integrity and sturdiness.

The functions of near-field communication (NFC) and GPS, which are used to real-time locate and transmit geographic information, could ensure personal safety and save operating time whether indoors or outdoors. And the large battery capacity and battery handling technology assure continuous communication when applications are frequently working.