Specialized In Ultra Rugged Performance

Natural disasters and emergencies force us to think about how to be ultimate in safety and real-time communication. Certified for military standard and IP68 or IP69 protection, Nomu provides ultra-rigid equipment and high security at the most demanding moments.

In line with the requirements for safety performance, the special version of Nomu also supports explosion protection which can be used in the petrochemical industry or any potential explosive environment.

With a variety of smart wireless technologies, such as NFC function for near field communication, PTT (push-to-talk) button for the world’s leading networks CDMA and GSM/HSPA+, Nomu exchange the real-time information between systems and resources to improve security encryption, optimize routes and facilitate transmission.

The ultra-sturdy shape design and the unique two-color injection molding technology with aluminum-titanium alloy frame enhance the integration of the mobile phone, and completely isolates foreign objects, ensuring smooth operation at critical moments.