Logistics And Retail

Ensure Safe And Smooth Working Process

The warehousing, sorting and transportation of parcels is a complicated process, which requires closely connected with each other. Therefore, whether the communication is timely or not will greatly affect the operation of the entire production line.

Nomu is precise and accurate in details processing. Most Nomu phones are equipped with easy-to-use PTT, one-button intercom function, which can communicate or execute commands with one or more staff members at the same time. In terms of intercom function, wireless intercom and 4G intercom are also adopted, which can provide the dual guarantee of hardware and software, ensuring timely and convenient communication.

For the configuration, Nomu has been carefully optimized and tested in the term of the performance of safety and reliability. As to the standard rating for the rugged phone, Nomu is certificated with IP68 even the highest level of IP69 protection rating to meet the waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and other demands. No need to worry the phone will stop working in work in some unexpected conditions, because Nomu can ensure its strong and reliable rugged performance.

Transportation & Logistics

Ultra-rugged Foundation Makes Indestructible Achievement

Nomu can meet higher demands in terminal supply, delivery and on-site fleet maintenance, which can be applied on railways, seaports and airports. The most basic function gives expression to our delicate craftsmanship.

In battery use, our unique battery handling technology exceeds standard far in terms of battery stability and battery life, making it play a great role in extreme environments.

With the highest protection grade of IP69 (international certificated), most of our models can deal with all weather troubles and environmental impacts, even can survive from the crush under the truck without damaging the phone case and screen.

The ability that can well adapt to extreme weather will reduce the extra cost greatly. After all, the worker can not get the work done in time and cause the waste of expensive fuel if the worker goes back to the workplace just for replacing the broken device.

Public Safety

Be Connected. Be Safe.

To ensure the basic communication of public safety workers, the ultra-rugged smartphones from Nomu keep workers connected in dangerous, isolated or emergent situations, ensuring their safety and connectivity.

With the leading industry standards and protection grades - IP68, IP69 and military certification MIL-STD-810G, and excellent water-proof, drop-proof, dust-proof, pressure-resistant performance, Nomu's smartphones can work in the most extreme environments.

Most of our models are equipped with user-friendly PTT custom shortcuts, so you can communicate instantly with the outside world and build up safety connection in an extreme, isolated or emergent situation. With Nomu's communications equipment, the public safety staff is free to focus on the task at hand: to serve others, save lives and get the job done. We are reliable partners.


Efficient Phone Service Achieve Smooth Work

Nomu phones can work day after day. When work requires trenching, there are cases that the phone can be easily submerged in the water. In various bad weather conditions, the work cannot be completed when impossible to communicate with the on-site staff by using the ordinary phone. At this point, the Nomu phone is your reliable saver. Since it equipped with precise GPS, GLONASS, AGPS positioning, dial automation, mileage tracking, the staff will be able to learn more quickly about the situation on the scene and take action accordingly before the technician arrives.

The phone is equipped with PTT custom shortcuts, which can activate the required application or emergency contact. The emergency calls will automatically locate your place and no worries about the safety problem.

Oil & Gas

High Durability. Quality Ahead.

The diversification of Nomu products meets the needs of various industries. The explosion-proof version which is aimed to the oil and gas industry, meets the highest standards in the industry and is suitable for any potential explosive environment. Under harsh conditions, the life of the phone can last at least 3 years, or even longer.

The test shows that the NOmu rugged smartphones are resistant to oil, lubricants, antifreeze and other common chemicals. Also, the phone support glove touch, so workers who must wear protective gloves can still use it with confidence.

The data of lots of reports shows that Nomu's rugged phones can run smoothly at -20 °C-60 °C, which is suitable for drilling operations and other staff in harsh environments.


Multi Practical Techs To Facilitate Your Work

The Nomu mobile phone was originally a professional communication device used in construction. As the common occurence of rolling, scratching and impact in such an environment, Nomu tries best to make the phone indestructible. the phone can handle the 1.5-meter multi-angle drop and the soaking at 2 meters depth for 1 hour easily. The service life of more than three years reflects that Oinom is always focusing on quality and details.

With the sun-visible technology, your screen will not lose its original color, and will be clearer under the sun. During the night, the ample lights are very necessary for the worker. the LED flashlight with unique SOS mode the phone equipped is more practical than professional flashlights.

The glove touch is a key concern for many outdoor workers. Since the workers often need to wear gloves to reduce hand injuries caused by direct touch with some special substances.It's very convenient and practical for the staff to operate when the phone supports the glove-mode.

The outstanding performance of mobile phones in noisy environments depends on the decibel value of the speakers and whether they can be clearly accepted and sent. The Nomu mobile phone provides up to 100db for the construction team to carry out effective communication.