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Story Corner
The Value Of NOMU T18 For A Coal Miner
I am Timothy McGee, forty years old, married and got a basic education in the public schools of the Commonwealth, the father of three children. Twenty-three of these years have been spent working in and around the mines. I, work more than 8 hours a day in the mine, the signal is very weak because of the remote location, the mining conditions are poor, the air is filled with thick dust. So there is a huge demand for a high-quality phone. At that time, it happened to the holiday promotion of NOMU. I bought it for both the tough quality and the good price.

About Waterproof, Drop-proof and Dust-proof:
It’s a common thing for me to drop my phone into the water or muddy puddle. At first, I would be nervous if the phone dropped, picked up immediately and checked if it was OK. Now I just get used to it. A phone before the NOMU T18 was broken after using six months. Too much dust entered the microphone. After repaired, it seemed that the phone speed was slower and the bugs sometimes occurred. The NOMU T18 has been in use for one and a half years. There have been no problems. The sound quality of the mobile phone is also good. The phone speaker is loud enough to hear clearly even in noisy surroundings.

About the Intercom:
The Walkie Talkie is what I most satisfied and need for this rugged phone, and the biggest reason for purchase at that time is also here. Because of the weak signal in the mine and the need for coordination with colleagues, the NOMUT18 equipped with an antenna can maintain good signal without the network. It's perfect for our kind of work.

About the external camera:
When the new mine needs to be surveyed, i will use the external camera of NOMU T18 to record the situation of the mine in real time for reference later.

                                                                                                                  note: images come from network, for reference only.

About the battery:
Personal habits, charging is troublesome for me, I am such a person who always needs the phone with me. Besides, my work requires frequent communication, power consumption is relatively faster. And this NOMU T18 can basically keep 3 to 4 days of work which greatly release me from the regular charging of phone.
We all know the importance of a right tool for our life. A suitable one can make our life easy and convenient while the improper one a burden. NOMU T18 for me is the former.

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NOMU S30 mini A Surprise For A Businessman
I am Milo Masson, 30 years old, working as a programmer in an Internet Co. Free time I am keen on fitness and also take part in the marathon competition organized by the city. Most of my rest time is doing exercise. I like the feeling of sweating and doing some mechanical exercise to build muscle and shape muscle lines. But the problem is when I run on a treadmill or do strenuous physical activities, it may be too fast or high that my phone can easily fall off. So this time I choose a relatively stylish rugged NOMU S30min, which is very suitable for both work and exercise.
About Design
In the past, I may have some misunderstandings about the rugged phone. I thought they were all heavy and huge which was not suitable for everyday use. I totally changed my idea after got one NOMU S30mini. Its screen, quite tough and exquisite. I mean it’s comfortable to browse web or video for a rather long time. And pictures also take on clear and natural effect. One point I must mention is that NOMU must have done hard work on optimizing the grip feeling. The back cover should be made of a special material which is lightweight, looks high-end and smooth to hold. When I am busy at work, I just place it on the table. The appearance is no different from the trendy device of other colleagues.

About The Rugged Performance
I am particularly passionate about sports, like hiking, swimming and running marathons. Everything goes well as planned. I think there are so many benefits to exercise includes keep the body in a young state. NOMUS30 mini plays a greater role at this time, because of its excellent waterproof and drop-proof performance. So even I just come out of the swimming pool and totally get wet all over, I will not hesitate to check the phone to see if there is any information. Or even the phone fall on the ground when I am climbing the mountain, it just need pick up and wipes it up.

About Network
When I bought the phone, I noticed that this phone supports dual-band, 2.4G and 5G WIFI can work at the same time, but I didn't care too much. Once I went to a forest camp with my colleagues, I found that my phone signal was better and I could call while my colleagues’ was no longer available. It is also very stable and fast in my daily use. I note this as an unexpected surprise.
Sometimes you can't judge a thing with your habitual thinking. Try more and you will have more surprising choices.

What NOMU T18 Can Do For An Adventurer
Samuel Brown锛24. Although I am still a college student, I have traveled a lot. Adventure is the attitude of my life to pursue excitement and make a difference. I’d like to upload the experience of the trip to the social network platform to share. I thought only such a life would not be boring, and the various situations on the road would make my life more exciting and rich. NOMU T18 is one of the best travel tools I have found compared to many similar brands. It has been used for 2 years now and is a must for my outdoor adventure.

Walkie-talkie function, make contact easy
The walkie-talkie function of NOMUT18 is very practical. Companions can use this tool to contact each other at any time. There would be some urgent situations on the road, it was easy to get into a dangerous situation If not handled in time. Because I cared too much about what I was interested in, I often fell behind and got separated with my friends. Since NOMU is equipped with antenna, it can maintain a good signal for communication without a network.

External camera to see a wider world
This is really an interesting device. The pictures it taken can never be limited to the fixed camera on the phone. The external camera allows you shoot whatever you want. I like to use it to take some pictures with strange perspectives and then share them on my Facebook, every time I get a lot of likes. Because the phone supports OTG and NFC, i can directly connect the phone to the printer and print some memorable photos out. Quite fast and convenient.

All-around navigation systems, no worries for explorations
Compared to the most phones with GPS and GLONASS systems, NOMU T18 is also equipped with Gyroscope and Barometric, which makes the positioning more precise, accurate and fast. As for exploring strange places, I will make a detailed plan and be well prepared every time. I can say, the more accurate the navigation system is, the easier it will be to find some specific landscapes.

Superior rugged performance make sure a smooth journey
There are always some unexpected situations during the trip. It is common for mobile phones to be fallen down. Sometimes, it rains cats and dogs on the road. If the mobile phone is not waterproof and drop-proof, it will cause great inconvenience to the journey. Of course, NOMU T18 does not have to worry about this problem at all.

                                                                                                note锛歩mages come from the network, for reference only.

Ordinary life also needs to find some different scenery, equipped with such a tough equipment to discover the beauty.

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