NOMU S10 Pro Drop Test -- 4.5m Drop Test
To see S10 Pro crazy 4.5m freefall with four bottles of Pepsi blowing out, just check the video.
NOMU T18:Here are the Most Strictest Violent Test
Free falling test is too common for NOMU T18. This time, some exciting actions are added. Work out on the phone screen? Burning and freezing the phone?know more from this video.
Drop Test of NOMU T18 In Various Condition, Why Be So Rude?
What will happen to T18 phone after such a violent test? Is it strong enough to resist such a destructive action? Keep watching.
Durability Test - NOMU S10 Pro Rugged Phone vs. SUV vehicle
Will the NOMU S10 Pro survive being driven over by SUV? See for yourself!
NOMU S10 Pro survives 5-hour long water and coke freezing?
NOMU does an amazing freezing test for S10 Pro. They immerse two S10 Pro in water box and coke box separately. What happens next? Will it die or survive?
NOMU S30 mini Boiling Hot Water Test ? Survive or Die?

As an IP68 waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof rugged smartphone with super tough design of military standard, S30 mini has proved its durability by surviving various harsh environments. What will happen if we put it into a pan, and boil it ? It will still survive or just die ? Check it out!!!