Crash Test on Nomu S10
Nomu S10 Pro - the record-breaking rugged smartphone with IP69,which obtains 17 patents. Rethink what a rugged phone can offer. 

Toughness Test on Nomu Rugged Phones
With the IP68 certified dust resistance rating, the construction of Nomu rugged phone allows you work in the most severe environments.

Here are Various Violent Tests of NOMU S50 PRO
All kinds of violent actions, throw, smash, scrape, you name it. We did it.
Wonderful Test Video Package Of NOMU S50 Pro
Frying eggs on the screen, burning the phone screen, cover the phone with flour and steam it at high temperature...You can see everything you want from here.
NOMU S50 PRO Steam room & Dry Ice Test
NOMU S50 PRO can tolerate the temperature range from -20℃~55℃. So what will happen in the steam room? Can NOMU S50 pro withstand the extreme cold? You will know from this video.
NOMU T18:The Meal Is Done, the T18 Is Working
If you wanna see some different violent test. Then this video will not let you down. Before that, you can never imagine the phone can be such rugged.