Repair Service


* The following situations do not belong to the scope of the free warranty

1. Damage caused by transportation,loading and unloading for Repair & Changing or Refunding

2. Any modification, disassembly or repair without the authorization of NOMU.

3. Damage of products caused by failure to install, use, maintain and keep as required by the instructions

4. Exceeded the warranty period. (5-day free return/ 90-day defective replacement warranty/ 150-day repair warranty )

5. Man-made damage/accident/force majeure

Spare Parts Charges

Price of components and parts ( for Phones out of the warranty period, excluding shipping fee and labor cost)


*For products not available on the official website, materials will not be provided for 14 months from the offline month.

*The above is the reference price for replacement parts. For the price of components and parts that cannot be inquired, please consult the after-sales email:

ROM Download

Get the latest OS updates and user manuals for your phone.