Joseph Davis

In an world where every company rush for coming up with an ever thinner, stylish device, it’s impressive to see a manufacturer like NOMU. its devices is always aimed at people that are normally in harsh environments.

Alexander Doyle

It is easy to get hot when the phone is used for a long time. If the temperature is too high, the potential safety hazard can not be ignored. this phone highly emphasis on its battery safety, its no doubt an attractive aspect.

Joe Meyer

I always worries about the phone dropping power suddenly in winter. Quite danger i feel. So when i see this S50pro can work normal in cold environment, even at -20℃, I am impressed a lot and prepare to buy.

Mark Stroemich

I am really in extreme sports, skydiving, climbing, challenge myself makes me a great sense of pride. So a durable phone is very important for me. NOMU phones are always my choice. I am quite trust their products.

Christopher Brown

IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD-810G...NOMU S50 pro really do a lot of work about its rugged performance. IP68 has already done great waterproof job, highly expected what this IP69k can bring to us.

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Media Review

“The Nomu S50 Pro is the brand’s latest and most tempting tough phone. It looks the part in high visibility orange livery and a polycarbonate and aluminium body and it is packed with features that will appeal to anyone who works outside or gives their phone a tough time.”

“Remarkable rugged phone Nomu S50 Pro with super protection IP68/IP69K always help you handle all kinds of difficult tasks perfectly even in harsh environment. The newest android 8.1 system and the MTK6763 processor form create fast speed and high efficiency, giving you the extraordinary using experience. No matter what you do with your phone, just enjoy the multiple protective performance of Nomu S50 Pro. ”

“A durable rugged phone is usually not associated with an attractive enough appearance, but fortunately, things get changed. NOMU S50 Pro adopts a different line design that reminds us of the Transformers, which is reflected in the design on the back. It's still a little thick, but it shows us different areas and alleviates the rough texture of the phone. There are black and orange versions, which are more appealing. Also, the strong structure stands out because of the combination of aluminum and polycarbonate.”

“The Nomu phone focus on both the strong performance and user experience. The NOMU S50 PRO combines the latest technology like Face ID, NFC to provide users with a convenient and efficient operation experience. ”

“Of course, for some people who work in remote, low-signal places, one of the most important concerns about rugged phones is the signal. This is not a problem for NOMU S50 PRO since its excellent signal performance is more prominent in harsh environments. The strong signal can ensure smooth communication over the phone. This is crucial to the success of the work and the security of workers.”