Nomu is going to launch a new smart phone, S30 mini, this month.
 The new product will be another super tough rugged device with ultra thin body from Nomu, an well-known manufacturer with 9 years experience in producing rugged smartphone in China.      S30 mini is an IP68 water, shock and dust-proof smartphone. As a new device , S30 mini carrys on the excellent protective performance of Nomu rugged phones. But this time,
Win & Choose Your Own Free Quality Smartphone
   Win & Choose Your Own Free Quality Smartphone To celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day, the promised second round event starts now for all NOMU fans !!!  Surely , it is a nice giveaway ! But this&nb
Share To Win Cash Bonus
  To celebrate a quickly increasing sale volume of NOMU device, from April 27th to May 19th, we will hold a big event to reward our fans. The event will be divided into two parts. The first round dates from April 27th to May 10th. The second round dates from May 12th to May 19th. We will select winners from both 2 rounds. The Rules of first round: Like NOMU FaceBook Page Like
What happens when you wash Nomu S30 in the roller washing machine?
Is there any hope for your smartphone which goes through a roller washing machine?  If you're lucky enough, then your smartphone will manage it. Today,lots of smartphones boast IP 68 certified waterproof,but we customers still can not be sure.  Here,the video is straight forward to show if NOMU S30 can meet the certification. Guess
NOMU S30 Survive from Drop Test
How often do you put your phone in unexpected drop situation since we can’t avoid the daily drop accidents entirely? Drop always comes with a broken screen, which will make us so upset and sad. To wipe away such a worry, therefore, we need a durable and strong phone to replace the fragile one, not just for kids, but also adults. This is what NOMU S30 has been doing for its tough design.&n
NOMU S30 Giveaway
NOMU S30 Giveaway     Here we feel so happy to share a good news with all you. We will have a S30 giveaway from April. 1st to April 9th.  Although it's April Fool's day today, we promise here this news is true. And the giveaway will surely take place on time as a gift to all you guys who have inspired us a lot for a long time! Now it’s your t
NOMU S30 wins amazing score in AnTutu Benchmark Test
When it comes to decide which rugged Smartphone is right for you, there are so many things you may need to consider. And one aspect you must concern on is its overall performance. As a flagship model, NOMU S30 always wins favor of rugged phone lovers. Just as is known to all, NOMU S30 is an extremely rugged phone, which has IP68-Certified ability to resist shock, dust and water.
Nomu S20 Giveaway on Youtube
  Nomu S20 Smartphone Giveaway on Youtube   Rules:   1. Click the following social media icon to share this Event with #MyNomuS20andme# along; 2. Watch the video, subscribe Nomu Youtube channel 3.Leave a comment on the reason why you like our NomuS20 below the video (The participant who leave best comment can win);   To join the giveaway, click an
NOMU Black Friday Event 2016 Rules
  English Language   On the Nomu Black Friday sale, we will send out 2 Nomu smartphones and 12 new XIAOMI Wristband 2 to our customers! Please read the followed details as followed:   1.The activity begins at 16:00 (GMT+8), Nov 25th to Nov 30th, 2016 2.After the activity begins, the first order can be fully refund. We will select the lucky winner and contact hi
Best Rugged Smartphones Recommendation in 2016
For people who don’t want to treat their cell phones like jewelry, a rugged phone is your best choice. They don't mind getting wet, dirty, or dropped by accident as they're built with durability in mind. The following is our top 4 best rugged smartphones available now. Samsung Galaxy S7 active - Highest Specs Rugged Smartphone  Galaxy Active is the rugged one compare t

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